The ministry of Inter-government coordination, Peace building & Disaster management this morning has received Ksh. 234,000 from the Fred Hollows Foundation to support its efforts in dealing with the various disasters that face the county.
Speaking while handing over the cheque to the Deputy Governor Titus Lotee, who heads the department, Country Director-Fred Hollows Foundation Jane Ohuma said that the foundation which has been working closely with the Ministry of Health since the year 2014, is committed in ensuring that West Pokot county is able to eliminate and combat disasters.
“Our work in this county has primarily been focused on eliminating Trachoma- which has been a huge challenge to the residents, especially those living in rural areas. But we have realized that in order to achieve a trachoma-free county, more work has to be done,” said Ohuma.

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 Jane Ohuma - Country director, FRED Hollows foundation

She pointed out that strengthening health systems requires high health care in the county and that to achieve it, it demands more partnerships from the various players.
On his part, the deputy governor Titus Lotee termed the work that the foundation has done as ‘commendable.’ He emphasized that through such partnerships with like-minded players as Fred Hollows Foundation, ACF, NDMA & UNICEF, that most counties and especially West Pokot will be able to overcome the challenges. “A lot of effort has been put in our department and the ministry of health. But more needs to be done because health has, and is still somehow below the table.”
He further said that the coming in of the Fred Hollows Foundation in the course towards elimination of disasters is timely. He maintained that eliminating most disasters starts with provision of enough water for the residents. “Water has been and continues to be a huge challenge that faces our people, especially since most of them are pastoralists. If we can be able to partner and drill more water for our residents, it will be a major milestone towards meeting our goal.”

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 H.E Titus Lotee

His sentiments were echoed by the CEC Ministry of Finance & Planning Mr. Joel Ng’olekong who said that the county government has done commendable work so far, giving credit to devolution. “Devolution had greatly improved the face of this county, and has also opened it up to the rest of the country. That is why we’re strengthening our partnership today with Fred Hollows.”
Fred Hollows Foundation is now set to discuss with the disaster management department on the areas that will need to be addressed and set budgets needed, aimed at reducing disasters.

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