All elected leaders in the county led by H.E. Governor professor John Lonyang’apuo convened in Turkwel for a first Leadership SUMMIT organized by the Governor. The event was initiated to engage elected leaders in a bid to develop their leadership potential as they take the stance of working for a common goal of developing West Pokot County.

Leaders present included the Governor, Deputy Governor DR. Atudo, Senator Poghisio, Mps Moroto and Lomunokol and all the 20 elected members of County Assembly. The SUMMIT also incorporated Security team from the Kenya Police and County Commisioner’s office. The event was preceded with a series of training from Mr. Eliud Wasike from Life in Abundance International organization and deliberations on key security issues along the border with Turkan.

During his two days stay in Turkwel, Profesor Lonyang’apuo promised to work closely with Kengen and KVDA to revive the place to better standards in an aim of attracting tourists. He also urged locals to utilize locally available resources and premises in order to develop the county. “I decided to bring this first SUMMIT to Turkwel to set an example to other leaders that we can use local available premises for our meetings and trainings”, he said. In addition, he urged the residents to maintain peace and work closely with security apparatus. “I will talk to my brother Governor Nanok to come together and bring cars to assist NPR and the police in patrols and movement during emergencies,” he said.

At the peak of his visit Governor Lonyang’apuo visited the state lodge which is in a sorry state at Riting in Turkwel. He assured residents that he will renovate the structure and put it to good use. He also urged KVDA and Kengen to establish the path that was supposed to go around Turkwel dam. He expounded that the path will ease movement by the locals who were evicted during construction of the dam and at the same time attract tourists and events simmmilar to Ndakaini marathon.