Today morning the Governor Prof. John Lonyangapuo has announced that all executive
county officials are send on special leave to institute a Special Financial and Human
Resource audits immediately.

While giving out a press release, the governor said that those officers among them; Ag
County Secretary, all CECs, all Chief Officers, all Directors, all Administrators, all
Departmental Heads and all Sub County Revenue Officers are to go on a special leave to
establish the status of the county affairs and remove any rot therein.
Consequently, he pointed out that all casual workers are laid off except those assigned to
Health Department, Sanitation and Revenue Collection to ensure the county gets quality
public service and also to remove any ghost workers and unnecessary idle capacity.

Governor Prof Lonyanguo also said that his government will carry out a thorough audit of all
contractors, bursary allocations and revenue collection systems to seal loopholes and ensure
the county actualizes value for its money. He further emphasized that contractors or any other
county government staff found to have colluded to misappropriate public funds will be dealt
with legally.

He however sought to reassure county employees that they would not lose their jobs as it has
been perceived by a portion of the public.
“I assure all county employees that they will be treated fairly and professionally. No
collective punishment. So, for everyone here now, there is no need for unnecessary anxiety.”