President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto made visits to various parts of West Pokot county. Alongside them were the area county Governor Simon Kachapin, his deputy and other administrative and local leaders

Jubilee 3 

While addressing thousands of jubilant crowds in Chelan’ga Gardens, Makutano, President Kenyatta said that their development agenda has ensured that every Kenyan, in every corner of the country is equal.

“For the first time, Kenyans have seen West Pokot County lead other counties by having the first medical training college - KMTC. This has put West Pokot on the map, and all these has been made possible by Governor Simon Kachapin” Uhuru said.

Jubilee 5 

In what will be a big win for this county since independence, the president officially launched the construction of an 80KM tarmacked road from Makutano- Konyao, with the construction expected to start early July. He said that the road will open up North Pokot to major economic activities, asking the youth to shun away from cattle rustling and embrace the opportunities that will result due to better infrastructure. He further assured the locals of development support if re-elected.The President came with more goodies for the locals. Residents of Kamla in Kiwawa Ward were promised a Safaricom booster to enhance their communication as soon as possible. The security unit in the area was also advanced as the president said his government will give them a police vehicle.

Jubilee 4