West Pokot County First Lady, Josephine Kachapin, this morning presented mosquito nets to patiens at Kapenguria Teaching and Referral Hospital in a bid to end malaria prevalance in the County.

 Josephine Kachapin - First Lady West Pokot County

Mrs. Kachapin noted that a high number of malaria cases are among pregnant women and children. Speaking at The Hospital, the First Lady said that she personally went to The Ministry of Health to request for the mosquito nets.

She noted that many people do not use the nets in the right way as she has seen some being used in vegetable gardens. She pleaded with the locals to use the nets in the right way.

With her were Chief Officer for Health and Sanitation, Mrs. Christine Akuto, who commended the First Lady for the noble work she is doing.

 Christine Akuto - C.O Health and Sanitation

She also commended the staff at the facility who report to work daily despite the ongoing strike. She requested the National Government to sign the Doctors CBA sooner so that the doctors can get back to work and assist the locals. Currently the hospital attends to an average of 350 patients per day.

 First Lady handing over mosquito nets to a patient