West Pokot County along other counties have been termed as marginalized since the colonial era. This has largely hindered any efforts towards acceleration of economic development, higher quality of life and better healthcare.
The new constitution of the year 2010 provided a new ray of hope to these counties through devolved governments; this meant that every citizen of this nation had a chance to experience change, development. But this is yet to be a reality to some people, especially those living along the border areas.

Marginalized 1

The people of Masol Ward are still struggling with issues that the nation was dealing with after gaining its independence. For the residents of Masol, they have never seen a school, a hospital facility or a church. For them life is about existence and insecurity. Here, the young and the old men in the community look after their cattle with guns. This is the sorry state of this ward despite five years of devolution.
However, Prof John Lonyangapuo has promised to strengthen and deepen devolution in every part of this county in a way that will make a real difference to every resident.

 Marginalized 2

During a tour for the vaccination of livestock exercise in Masol Ward, Prof Lonyangapuo said it was time to put an end to the dire situation of the residents of that ward.
“These are specific and legitimate concerns. We will prioritize these needs and ensure that children go to school. Access to medical care is a serious concern that needs quick implementation.”
He emphasized that the three pillars of his manifesto are pegged on improving the quality of life through the provision of quality education, increasing access to affordable healthcare and acceleration of economic development. All these, he said, are geared at advance the transformation agenda of the county.

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He also said he will deepen the growing ties between West Pokot and the neighbouring counties to enhance relations among the border communities.