Northern Kenya comprising majorly of pastoralist communities for a long time has been struggling with frequent droughts, poor health care, sparse government services and threats posed by poaching and cattle rustling.

Key players from various organizations that deal with conserving the environment and natural resources paid the governor a courtesy call at his office.  Among the key players were Mr. Ian Craig- Director Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT), Mr. Joseph Kalapata- Tullow Oil, representative From Kenya Wildlife Services, Masol Conservancy and Pellow Concervancy.

NRT which is the key player aims to develop resilient conservancies like Masol and Pellow which will transform people’s lives, secure peace and conserve the natural resources. NRT in partnership with tallow oil provides the conservancies with advice on how to manage their affairs, support training where by 34 rangers and scouts from the local community went to Manyani in Voi  for training and two vehicles have been distributed to the Pellow and Masol conservancies, help broker agreements between conservancies and investors. It also monitors performance and provide the donor quality assurance.

The governor Prof. John Lonyangapuo welcomed the idea and challenged the two existing conservancies in the county to have something to show the locals in order to change their perception of the natural resources. “Seeing is believing. Go out there and find something tangible that our people can see and appreciate from the nature as this will capture their attention and they will come to the conservancies.” He further requested NRT in collaboration with Tullow Oil to build lodges at the conservancies. “My government has allocated close to 40 million shillings to aid the in the restoration and conservation of wildlife and natural resources but first security is the number one priority. We are working with the County government of Turkana to ensure our security is highly maintained”