The development of a nation depends on the health and well-being of its people.
West Pokot still faces major socio-economic and healthcare challenges, malaria being one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in the county. While access to quality health care is a constitutional right, thousands of residents of West Pokot county cannot afford to pay for health services at public or private clinics. Even with public health insurance available since 1966, only a small percentage of the residents have access to some sort of medical coverage.
The real danger however, is a weak health care system.
This is changing, thanks to the collaborative programmes and initiatives that are already underway between the national and the county government.
Prof John Lonyangapuo and his administration have already put measures in place to builda health system which can effectively provide quality health care services to the population of the county, by ensuring provision of more drugs, hiring of doctors and experts and building more hospitals in the rural areas.


Previously, patients would travel to far-off health clinics only to find that the medicines they needed were no longer in stock. To address this, Prof Lonyangapuo intends to ensure that all public hospitals and dispensaries are well stocked with drugs to avert such situations in the future. The administration will also focus on ensuring that medical practitioners have the right knowledge and skills; through trainings.
Recently, Prof Lonyangapuo flagged off more than 413,000 treated mosquito nets expected to benefit close to half a million households in various parts of the county. The mass lifelong lasting mosquito nets were donated by the national government through the Ministry of Health in partnership with the county government, Ministry of Health and Sanitation.


This follows a registration campaign dubbed ‘Jiandikishe’ that was carried out in June this year.Issuance of the nets will be carried out from the 13th to 17th of December, at posts that will be announced in all sub-counties.