The County Government of West Pokot is taking the lead in ensuring that all the residents have access to clean and safe water. With this as the leading drive, the Department of Water, Environment and Natural Resources is working towards ensuring that all residents from all the 20 wards in the county have access to water.

In Moriokwo in Kalemnyang Sub Location, Emboasis location, Kongelai Division in Riwo ward, Governor Prof. John Lonyangapuo witnessed the drilling of a borehole by county water engineers where he stated that water is a vital resource that sustains a community and falls in the sustainable development goals number 6 of clean water and sanitation.
“It is undisputed that water is life and plays an important role in our everyday lives and its availability will most definitely translate to improved standards of life through improved health, economy and the strengthening of the environment,” said the Governor.

Speaking at the event, the governor encouraged the residents to continue to protect all the water catchment areas by being agents of conservation.