Agri-Prenuer Training In West Pokot County

Today marked a significant step forward in West Pokot County as the training of Agri-preneurs for farmers' registration took place at Mtelo Hall.
This crucial initiative was made possible through the support of the Emergency Locust Response Project (ELRP), a testament to the collective effort to fortify Kenya's agricultural landscape.
This endeavor received backing from the National Government, facilitated by the County Government's Department of Agriculture.
At the helm of this training were County Director of Agriculture Peter Kodwaran, ELRP County Coordinator Thomas Wasike among other county officials drawn from the County Department of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries.
The primary objective of this training was the establishment of a comprehensive national register of Kenyan farmers at the household level. This register will serve as an invaluable resource for both national and county governments, aiding in policy formulation, resource allocation, and targeted support for agricultural enterprises.
Central to this effort was the development of a detailed database, capturing not only the basic biodata of farmers but also their related agricultural enterprises. Participants in the training were equipped with the necessary skills to engage with farmers effectively, emphasizing the importance of courteous and respectful interactions during data collection.
Furthermore, the Agri-preneurs will be provided with the essential tools they would need when venturing into the field. This commitment underscores the dedication of all involved to ensure a seamless and successful data collection process.
As the Agri-preneurs embark on this mission, their work will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in strengthening Kenya's agricultural sector and fostering sustainable development.