Controller of Budget visits West Pokot

Governor Simon Kachapin met with a team from the Office of the Controller of Budget, led by the Controller of Budget, Dr. Margaret Nyakang'o who were currently in the county to monitor and deliberate on the utilization of public funds for enhanced service delivery.
Dr. Margaret has commended the county government for its transparency and accountability on budget use across the departments.
As a county, we remain on track to ensure we prioritize budget absorption and transparency to ensure all projects are fully implemented for the benefit of our people.
Together with the Controller of Budget, Governor Simon Kachapin inspected the on going completion of the Governor's Residence in Kapenguria and the new West Pokot County Assembly building
As County Government of West Pokot, we continue to work in line with budget the ceilings, making the most of the funds we receive to change the face of our county.
We appreciate the Controller of Budget's Office for the visit which will enhance our collaboration in budgetary implementation.