County Budget and Economic Forum Draws Attention to Resource Allocation and Development Strategies

Governor Simon Kachapin has led a forum that brought together the Department of Finance and Planning among all other county departments, non-state actors and development partners at Sirwo Resort, Kitale for a Joint County Budget and Economic Forum aimed at fostering collaboration and innovation in resource allocation and economic development strategies.

Governor Kachapin highlighted the significance of the forum in shaping the county's development agenda.

“This process provides us with a framework to prioritize our resources effectively. The resource envelope is finite, and this document will guide our priorities," emphasized the county boss.

He further expressed gratitude to Village Enterprise for their support in the budget development process.

Governor Kachapin urged all departments implementing plans for the community's benefit while urging attendees to be innovative and prudent in resource utilization.

"The collaboration between Village Enterprise and the county is crucial has been crucial in this process. I urge all of us implement our plans creatively and ensure prudent use of resources," stated the governor.

Deputy Governor Robert Komolle echoed the sentiment, noting that the fiscal paper is critical in setting the pace for development across the county.

Leah Okero, Country Director of Village Enterprise, funded by UN Women, said the organization has been instrumental in supporting gender-responsive budgeting initiatives within the county. She commended the collaborative efforts and emphasized the organization's commitment to the welfare of the community.

"We appreciate the support from the county and UN Women. Our collaboration has been fruitful, and we are keen to continue working together to mainstream gender across all social service aspects," remarked Ms. Okero.

She applauded the county's efforts in enabling women to participate in planning and budgeting processes, ensuring their voices are heard.

Joshua Rutto, CEC, Finance and Economic Planning, provided an overview of the budget and emphasized the need for full implementation of planned projects. He reiterated the county's commitment to transparent and accountable resource management.

The forum further served as a platform for stakeholders to discuss key economic and budgetary issues, explore innovative strategies and strengthen partnerships for sustainable development in the region.

Subsequently, the department of Finance and Planning will conduct a two-day public participation across all wards to get public views on the 2024/2025 budget estimates and priorities.