County Government and NRT Collaborate to Boost Conservation in West Pokot

The Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) team held a meeting with H.E. Governor Simon Kitalei Kachapin, accompanied by County Executive Committee member for Culture, Tourism, Sports, Youth Affairs And Social Service Ms. Lucky Litole, Chief Officer for Culture and Tourism Paul Lalat, Chief of Staff Rotino Tyno and Mr.William Petang'ole ,the NRT delegation was led by Rebecca Kochulem. 

The purpose of the meeting was to present on the new policy to support conservation efforts in West Pokot County as well as a brief about the impact created by the Ustahimilivu project, which is coming to an end on 23/6/2024.

Governor Kachapin expressed his full support for the NRT initiatives, as indicated by the relevant department.The NRT team has pledged to enhance community support in the Masol Conservancy by providing 20 motorcycles targeting reformed Moran's in the area.This initiative aims to bolster conservation efforts and improve local mobility as well nurture the entrepreneurship capacity of the morans'.

Under Ustahimilivu project , an 100 of land has been put under irrigation at orwa area supporting 200 farmers, water project for 500HHs and over 10, 000 livestock established in Klaan area, Endough Ward, a honey processing unit at Lomut, cheror self help group established and fully equipped to support the aggregation of honey in the lower belts of Pokot central and parts of West Pokot, a fodder farm supported in Masol, Last year, 810 students benefited from bursaries . Supported peace building initiatives , Nutrition and WASH among other initiatives in the targeted area.

Key figures such as Benson Domokit, Manager of Masol Conservancy, and Philip Lomongin and Simon Komoli chairpersons for Masol and Pellow Conservancies were present where the chairpersons of the conservancies highlighted the importance of this support to the communities and requested the County government to support them in this process of establishing a better conservation framework for the County.