County Government, Judiciary Agree to Collaborate in Justice Administration

Deputy Governor Robert Komolle has this morning held deliberations with a delegation from the Judiciary Service Commission (JSC) led by head of the delegation, Hon. Everlyne S.A Olwande to discuss and deliberate on enhancing access to justice for county residents.
Ms. Olwande expressed her appreciation for the ongoing collaboration between the county government and the JSC. She acknowledged the county's commitment to ensuring that judicial services are accessible to all residents, regardless of their location within the county.
As a demonstration of this commitment, the JSC pledged to establish lower courts in Sigor and Alale, addressing the justice needs of residents in remote areas of the county. This move aims to make legal recourse more convenient and efficient for those previously facing challenges in accessing justice services.
Deputy Governor Komolle reaffirmed the county government's readiness to support the judiciary in providing services to residents. He specifically mentioned the provision of land to facilitate the establishment of the lower courts.
He also highlighted the difficulties residents in Alale, Sigor and Masol had faced in accessing justice and expressed the county government's commitment to remedy this situation.
Moreover, Deputy Governor Komolle urged the JSC to consider greater representation of county residents in the recruitment process within the judiciary. He emphasized that this would help ensure a more balanced and inclusive approach to judicial appointments, addressing concerns about underrepresentation.
The collaborative efforts between the county government and the judiciary has played a critical role which has positively impacted on justice administration within the county.
Commissioner Isaac Ruto underscored the pressing need to address developmental disparities in the region. He reiterated the importance of making justice accessible to all county residents and commended the judiciary for bringing justice services closer to the people.
Ruto also emphasized the significance of adhering to the rule of law, as it has played a pivotal role in national unity and the diminishing influence of tribalism. He praised the strong synergy between the county government and the judiciary, expressing the desire for continued collaboration to further enhance justice accessibility in the county.
Present were Commissioners Hon. Jacqueline Ingutiah, Hon. Anne Amado, CRJ, County CS Jonathan Siwanyang, Justice Anthony Mrima, County Attorney Robert Katina among other officials.
The meeting concluded with a call for utmost cooperation between the county government and the judiciary to ensure justice is delivered.