The Department of Agriculture led by CECM Wilfred Long’ironyang distributed over 500kg pasture seeds to 150 residents at Siyoi ward, Kapenguria constituency. The beneficiaries were drawn from Siyoi area, Kapchilla, Kamariny, Kaibos, Kaprech and Sinenden.

Pasture seeds distribution is a program supported by World Vision’s IMARA PROGRAMME that is funded by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) to help farmers grow pastures to cushion them during dry season.

CECM Long’ironyang said that the county government through its partners like World Vision will do all means to support pasture farmers through different initiatives. He added that the persistent drought has so far affected many residents.

“This drought has hit our people hard. Many of our pastoralists are migrating in search of pasture and water.” He said.

Chief Officer Naomi Lemreng also added that the county will continue distributing certified pasture seeds and animal feeds to the affected areas. She further said that the department is focused on transforming livelihoods of farmers through trainings on commercializing their pasture products.