Doctors in West Pokot Perform Free Eye Surgeries, Partnering with Fred Hollows Foundation

Patients in West Pokot County, particularly at Chepareria, have undergone life-changing eye surgeries free of charge through collaborative efforts between the Department of Health and Fred Hollows Foundation.

Led by doctors Jacob Nangole, Gladys Saraku, Samwel Koringura, and Jackson Meriakol, the Cataract Surgery Project aims to provide treatment for many patients with eye problems, significantly advancing eye care in the county.

The success of the Cataract Project, initiated as a pilot in 2022, has been significant with numerous cataract operations conducted, and paediatric cases referred to Sabatia Eye Hospital for specialized treatment.

Additionally, the establishment of the Kacheliba Eye Clinic and provision of essential eye instruments have further improved healthcare in various parts in the county since routine checkups, early detection of eye conditions have increased and the management of eye diseases has improved. This has addressed the disparities in eye care access particularly in undeserved areas consequently contributing to the economic development by enabling individuals to maintain their productivity and independence.

The Fred Hollows Foundation remains committed to its partnership with West Pokot County, pledging continued support to enhance eye care services and improve the quality of life for communities in need.