Efforts Underway to Reopen Schools Amidst Border Conflict in West Pokot

Recent conflicts along the Pokot-Marakwet border have taken a toll on the Cheptulel area, leaving schools and hospitals closed and deserted. This ongoing situation has severely impacted the lives and livelihoods of thousands of residents.
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Consequently, students have had to relocate or discontinue their education, while families have been compelled to seek refuge in safer areas. Furthermore, the insecurity threats have left local health centers vulnerable and unable to provide essential medical services.
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To address and find lasting solutions to the current situation, Governor Simon Kachapin, along with his deputy Robert Komolle and other leaders, conducted an on-site assessment of the affected schools and health center. Chesegon Primary, Cheptulel Boys, Cheptulel Primary School and Arpollo Health Center have remained closed since 2022 due to insecurity in the Chesegon region. Only two schools, St. Mary’s Cheptulel Girls and Arpollo Mixed Day and Boarding Primary School, have managed to remain open.
Governor Kachapin, during a public baraza at St. Mary’s Cheptulel Girls High School, reiterated his administration's dedication to achieving lasting peace along the border areas. He emphasized the importance of maintaining peace and stability, especially during the national examinations period.
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Working in partnership with the National Government, Governor Kachapin affirmed his commitment to reopening the affected schools and Arpollo Health Center.
In a significant step towards addressing the conflict and promoting development, the governor and elected leaders engaged in a closed-door meeting with President William Ruto. The discussions centered on enhancing security and fostering development in the North Rift region.
Governor Kachapin later distributed 200 bags of maize for Arpollo Day and Boarding Primary School, St. Mary’s Cheptulel High School (100bags) and 100 bags of maize for the locals. He also distributed beans and other foodstuff.