Governor Kachapin Commits to Enhancing Border Security

Governor Simon Kachapin received a briefing this morning on the security situation in Pokot South, following recent local protests against ongoing insecurity in the region.


During the discussions, Governor Kachapin reiterated his commitment to ensuring peace and stability along the border. He announced plans to support security forces by providing infrastructure for a new Anti-Stock Theft Unit (ASTU) camp in Kamelei, aimed at bolstering security efforts in the area.


The ASTU team, currently stationed at Kamelei Dispensary, will be relocated to a new camp near Pstonu, Kamelei, with support from the National Government, Ministry of Interior and Coordination, and the county.


The security team briefing the governor included County Executive Committee member Martin Lottee, Pokot South Deputy County Commissioner David Bowen, and representatives from the Directorate of Peace and other peace organisations.