Governor Kachapin, Deputy Komolle meets Dr. Teresa Lotodo

Governor Simon Kachapin flanked by his deputy Robert Komolle has held a meeting with Teresa Lodoto, Lecturer and Pathologist, Moi University/ MTRH and Roya Kwemoi from Piankhi Capital to explore drone technology to revolutionize agriculture in the county.

 The company specializes in cutting-edge drone technology to enhance food productivity and environmental sustainability.

 Governor Kachapin noted that the county was keen to explore how the application of advanced drone technology could play a pivotal role in addressing critical agricultural challenges, including food security and production efficiency.

 He stressed the need for collaboration with experts from various fields, including mining and forestry, to explore further applications of drone technology.

 The company employs drone technology in seeding, which can cover an entire acre of land in just 10 minutes. This remarkable efficiency can significantly reduce the time and resources required for planting crops, thereby increasing agricultural productivity. The drones can also be used for mapping resources, pest control and plant health.


The potential of utilizing drones in agriculture has gained increasing attention due to their ability to collect valuable data and perform various tasks with drone technology.