Governor Simon Kachapin unveiled and flagged off health care commodities under TransForming Health Systems- Universal Care Project funded by World Bank at his official residence.


The five-year project which will run until September 2023, focuses on reproductive health, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health (RMNCAH) services, as well as effective and immediate intervention to health crises. The project aims to improve healthcare services in Sengwer, Kaibos, Talau, Kaprech, Tamough, Sina, Morwongor, Keringet, Sekerr, Chepolet among many other facilities in the county.


The commodities include 17 solar fridges, 10 delivery sets, 15 fetal Doppler equipment, 20 hospital beds, three maternity heaters, 7,000 mama kits (baby shawl, lessons, soap and basins), and 3,000 mother-child booklets among other items.

Governor Kachapin said the work done by World Bank continues to transform the sector positively. He said his administration will work with the department to appropriate more funding and partner to improve health indicators and reduce challenges being faced in health facilities across the county.

On maternal health, Governor Kachapin said more efforts needs to be made to address maternal mortality among women in rural areas. He pointed out that the county will put in more incentives to end women to visit hospitals for delivery.

“We have the ability and personnel to the challenges we face,” said the governor.


He also announced that the county will employ more health practitioners to improve and achieve universal healthcare coverage for all.

He further warned against misuse of drugs and health commodities, saying stern action will be taken against those responsible.

Esther Serem commended the department of Health for the efforts being undertaken in improving patient outcomes.

The project will further fund the procurement of a fully equipped ambulance, the construction of two placenta pit wastes in Kacheliba and Sigor sub-county hospitals.