The deputy Governor Robert Komolle has been joined by other senior county officials from a number of counties for a three-day training on Corporate Strategy and Innovative Culture facilitated by Kenya School of Revenue Administration (KESRA) in Lake Naivasha Resort, Naivasha.

The training which aimed at creating an international perspective on leadership among county officials highlighted the need to build capacity of governments and private sector to leverage on data to make strategic decisions.

Flanked by CEC Finance and Planning Paul Woyakapel, Deputy Komolle said strategic leadership is a hallmark of an innovative culture. He said the ability to make decisions based on strategic decisions enhances motivation, which in turn contributes to higher levels of performance in the county.

“As a county, we are keen to develop strategic decisions that support our agenda for development. We must provide policy direction to ensure that we can continue to make significant progress and minimize risks that could slow down our efforts,” said the deputy governor.

The three-day training program will also provide guidance on good governance and strategic management practices.