West Pokot Celebrates Success of Women Through Climate Smart Agriculture

Governor Simon Kachapin recently attended a Project Steering Committee Meeting in Machakos, alongside KOICA Kenya Country Director Dr. Jang Hee Im, UN Women Kenya Deputy Country Representative Dan Bazira, and representatives from the Council of Governors and the State Department for Gender and Affirmative Action. The meeting celebrated the success of the Women Economic Empowerment through Climate Smart Agriculture (WEE-CSA) project.

This impactful initiative has significantly bolstered women's economic empowerment and climate change resilience in West Pokot.

Governor Kachapin emphasized his administration's strong commitment to gender equality and climate resilience, announcing plans to build on the project's progress in its second phase.

"My administration will replicate best practices and integrate them with other agricultural development projects. We will also support by identifying and promoting gender-responsive CSA technologies," the governor stated.

He expressed gratitude to development partners, acknowledging their crucial role in advancing the county. He affirmed that his government would continue collaborating to further improve the lives of women, men, and children in the county.

Governor Kachapin was accompanied by Speaker Fredrick Kaptui, CEC Lucky Litole (Gender), Chief of Staff Tyno Rotino, among others