West Pokot county Agriculture Show and Trade Fair set for 8th-11th, 2023

Governor Simon Kachapin recently inspected Kishaunet showground in readiness for the 2023 Agricultural Show and Trade Fair slatted for 8th-11th November.

“I am happy at the stage in which the preparations have reached and encourage the Department of Agriculture and Livestock to proceed and finalize all the remaining parts towards a successful show,” said the governor.

 With the confirmation of the county show and trade fair taking place, each department and section are mandated to creatively and innovatively showcase their achievements in inventive ways in line with this year’s theme of “Promoting climate smart agriculture and trade initiatives for sustainable economic growth”

With this approach, not only will the region celebrate its agricultural and trade success but also inspire new ideas and approaches that can further boost the local economy.

The county Agricultural Show and Trade fair stands as a platform for the community to come together, learn and their agricultural and trade accomplishments.