West Pokot County and World Vision Empower Youth with Vocational Training and Start-Up Kits

In a recent initiative to boost vocational education in West Pokot County, key figures from the County Government and World Vision teamed up to provide practical support and resources.

Led by County executive committee members Rebecca Kide of Education and technical training and Claire Parklea of trade, cooperative development, industry, and energy, the team included county director of vocational education and training Joel Mulatya and Ms. Immaculate Oluoch, Technical Specialist - Livelihood and Resilience from World Vision.

Their collaboration is part of the IMARA Program, which has been active since November 2018 across seven counties in Kenya. The program's "Ujuzi Vijijini" initiative focuses on vocational training for vulnerable youth and those from conflict-affected regions, aiming to equip them with skills for self-sufficiency and economic resilience.

The team visited several wards in West Pokot including Suam, Riwo, Kodich, Masol, and Lomut, distributing business start-up kits to 86 vocational learners who had excelled in the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) Grade III exams. The distributed kits included various tool kits tailored for trades like hairdressing, masonry, tailoring, carpentry, motor vehicle mechanics, plumbing, electrical work, and Information and Communication Technology. 

Among the beneficiaries was a young woman with a disability who excelled in the ICT course, highlighting the inclusive nature of the initiative.

County Government of West Pokot is committed to fostering skill development and economic empowerment thereby enhancing community resilience and sustainability.