West Pokot County Conducts Disaster Risk Management Training for Ward Administrators

West Pokot County, through the Directorate of Special Programmes Humanitarian Coordination and Disaster Management, in partnership with USAID-KUZA, conducted a three-day training session aimed at equipping Ward Administrators from across the county with skills necessary to effectively manage disaster risks at the grassroots level.

Held at Sirikwa Hotel in Eldoret and led by CEC Martin Lottee in charge of PSM, ICT and Devolved Units and facilitated by Dr. Joseph Lolemtum, the training focused on enhancing the capacity of Ward Administrators to disseminate disaster risk management (DRM) practices, form committees at the ward level, and act as key communicators of the government's agenda in their communities. It further emphasized the importance of early warning systems, climate change adaptation, and the development of resilience strategies to address local challenges.

CEC Lottee highlighted the necessity of developing robust early warning systems and hazard mapping analyses to mitigate disaster risks in all sub-counties.

"We must accept that challenges are there, but we need to develop resilience in the event of challenges that have faced our county," said Lottee.

Chief Officer David Chepelion in charge of Special Programmes noted that team will play a key role in developing strategies to help the county improve its early warning systems and develop response capabilities in times of crisis.

“We have the ability to do this and we want to gradually improve in terms of early warning systems from the grassroots,” noted CO Chepelion.

The training also provided guidelines on the formation of DRM committees at both the county and ward levels, ensuring a structured and effective response to emergencies and disaster risks.

The Ward Administrators, now better prepared, are expected to play a crucial role in reducing disaster risks and enhancing community resilience in West Pokot County.

Present were Chief Officer Musa Losiangole, John Githiaka, Director at USAID-KUZA, directors Moses Domongura and Simon Chumakemer among other officials from the county.