West Pokot Farmers Empowered with Ksh. 27M Funding for Smart Agriculture Initiatives

Governor Simon Kachapin has launched the 2023/2024 issuance of cheques to micro-project input packets for farmer groups in West Pokot County.

A total of 27,000,000 will be distributed to 180 common interest groups (CIGs) and vulnerable marginalized groups (VMGs) across various wards including Alale, Kasei, Kiwawa, Kapchok, Riwo, Chepareria, Masol, Lomut, and Weiwei. These funds aim to support micro projects in sectors like honey production and sheep and goat farming to boost community prosperity.

The 27 million supports unveiled today is from the Emergency Locust Response Project (ELRP) which is a four years project supported by World Bank through the National government's State Department of Agriculture and Livestock in collaboration with the County Government of West Pokot to help respond to emergencies like drought and desert locust by restoring livelihoods and rehabilitation as the department awaits the priming for Food Systems Resilience Project (FSRP)

Governor Kachapin stressed the importance of embracing smart agriculture and livestock production for food and economic security in the county. He emphasized the need to train farmers in these practices, noting that with the support of the county government and projects like ELRP, farmers will be empowered.

The Department of Agriculture and Livestock has achieved significant milestones, including distributing maize seeds, grafted mango seedlings, and grafted avocado seedlings, as well as constructing/renovating cattle dips and metallic crushes. Additionally, a large number of cattle, sheep, and goats have been vaccinated to control livestock diseases.

During the event, County Executive Committee Member for Agriculture and Livestock Wilson Longironyang and Chief Officer for Agriculture and Livestock Naomi Lemreng commended the governor for his continuous support, which they described as empowering and sustainable in ensuring food security and improving the socio-economic status of residents through agriculture, livestock, and farmer advisory services.

The event was attended by Members of County Assembly including Akasile, Moiben, Lokomol Patrick (Chepareria), Shariff Kiptalam, Peter Lokor (Kapchok), John Bosco Giratum (Alale), Chekeruk Wilson (Masol), Francis Losia(Kasei),Grace Loupa, Chief officers Mathew Rionokol (lands) and Tyno Rotino (chief of staff), county directors Samoei (fisheries), Dr. Samuel Chelimo (veterinary services), Peter Kodwaran(agriculture), Dr. Anthony Wesonga ( livestock production), Rev. Jackson alukusia (peace), County Project Coordinators Thomas Wasije (ELRP) and Victor Namboka (ASDSPII), and Edwin Kiplimo Cooperative Bank, Kapenguria branch manager,  among others.